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Fly wing to wing with MH434

Fly wing to wing with MH434

Classic WingsOld Flying Machine Company is delighted to confirm that we will once again be operating with Classic Wings and their ‘Wing to Wing with a Spitfire’ on the dates shown here (subject, as ever, to weather and serviceability). This is a particularly special way of seeing MH434 in it’s natural environment, and allows you to get close up to the aircraft on the ground and in the air, in an exceptional manner. More information on how this wonderful experience works can be found at

All enquiries and bookings for this should be made directly to Classic Wings .

The dates that MH434 is planned to be participating in the “Wing to Wing with a Spitfire” flights are detailed below. All flying is subject to weather and serviceability. 

Saturday 7thSaturday 4thSunday 24thSaturday 6thSaturday 24thSaturday 8th
Sunday 8thSunday 5thSunday 7thSunday 25thSunday 9th
Saturday 14thSaturday 20th
Sunday 15thSunday 21st